This year, MACS has pivoted to offer students a digital MicroSociety experience; however, nothing truly compares to the in-person marketplace. A group of remote students have decided to turn this setback into an ingenious opportunity- they have created their own remote miniature enterprise! Lexi and Henry (third grade) with the help of AJ and Lucas (kindergarten) have created a store selling origami, pictures, pencils, erasers, and much more. AJ and Lucas are tasked with soliciting customers while Lexi and Henry handle the finances. Their store is located at the Pearl Marketing office in Nashua where Amanda Schneck, mother of Lexi and Aj, owns Pearl Marketing and let’s the kids use the office to do remote learning. The kids are now working on designing their own “Pearl Bucks” as currency. They will be able to earn pearl bucks by being respectable citizens at the office.

Way to go, Pearl Academy!