PTO Mission:

MACS PTO supports and advocates for our children, in partnership with staff, parents, and the  larger community. The PTO does this by

  • Spearheading fundraising events,
  • Assisting with school needs and enrichment projects, and
  • Planning social activities that promote fellowship among families.

The PTO Executive Board consists of four elected positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Officers, after usually being nominated at the April meeting, will be elected at the PTO  Board’s May meeting.
  • Ideally, Executive Board Members should serve on the PTO (at any time in the past) for a  full calendar year before taking any office in order to be familiar with the activities at  the school.
  • Elected Executive Board officers shall serve a 2-year term.

● All Executive Board officers shall be limited to three consecutive terms (6 years) in the  same office.

Board Positions:

The President works closely with the Community Outreach Coordinator to schedule monthly  PTO meetings, draft the agenda, and manage the meetings. The President will work with the  MACS Executive Director to set a tentative calendar of potential PTO activity dates for the  upcoming school year, to propose dates for PTO meetings, and to set the annual fundraising  goal. The President shall work closely with all PTO members and the Outreach Coordinator to  ensure that the annual fundraising goals are met. The President will represent the school in a  positive way.

The Vice President shall assist the President, perform the duties of the President in the absence  or inability of that officer to serve, and coordinate activities in conjunction with the PTO. The  Vice President will represent the school in a positive way.

The Secretary shall have the overall responsibility for developing, distributing, and maintaining the meeting minutes. The minutes shall include the names of all members in attendance as well as all important dates. The secretary may also assume other duties as the  PTO Board Members or the President may propose and will represent the school in a positive  way.

The Volunteer Coordinator will work in conjunction with the Community Outreach Coordinator  to update the volunteer form and activity log and incentivize volunteering with a recognition  program (ex: family feather on falcon). The Volunteer Coordinator is also responsible for  helping to recruit and manage parent volunteers when needed at school fundraising events.

*The Community Outreach Coordinator shall assist the PTO by communicating PTO meeting(s)  and event information to all MACS Families, assisting the PTO President with event planning  and advertising, tracking parent volunteer hours and buy-outs, recruiting and managing staff  volunteers when needed at school fundraising events, helping procure donations, and providing  thank you letters to community donors.

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